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I understand it can be nerve wracking taking the first step…


I offer up to a 20 minute telephone consultation, at the end of which you can decide whether you wish to book an introductory session.  The call costs nothing.



50 minutes,

held at the same

time each week


£120 per session in person and online.


I am London based, at London Bridge. 

In the introductory session we explore your options fully. The introductory session is at the same fee as all sessions. Some therapists call the introductory session, an ‘assessment’  to see if you and I feel we can work together. Will we bring out the best in each other to maximise the benefits of therapy?


You have no obligation to continue our work after the introductory session if  you feel we don’t fit. But… if our connection feels right, we then choose whether to work short term (a minimum of six sessions, I recommend twelve sessions) or longer term, open ended work. 


When we choose to work together…we review our work at regular intervals so that our work stays dynamic and relevant to your needs.


My Approach

First and foremost, I put my heart and soul into my therapeutic work with you. Whilst, keeping you at the forefront of my mind, I am constantly considering what might enhance or hinder our work together and the potential transformation. I hope you find that I am warm, open, work thoughtfully and inject humour where appropriate.

Building a relationship with a therapist takes time. The stronger and more trusting the  relationship  becomes the more the benefits of therapy can increase. So it’s vital you choose a therapist you can work with and open up to.

The three main branches of theoretical approaches I use…

HUMANISTIC, really, really, listening, valuing and promoting the client’s own ability  and inner wisdom to create growth and change

PSYCHODYNAMIC, how our early life shapes how we relate to ourselves and others now

THE BODY IN PSYCHOTHERAPY, utilising our body’s sensations to understand ourselves fully


I work as part of a community of therapists. If I am unable to work with you, I maybe be able to refer you onto a therapist within the community.

Your Information

I am registered with Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). I adhere to ICO’s standards and ensure any clinical data I hold are kept securely and confidentially by me. I keep some of your contact details on file. The reason for keeping these is to aid our communication and in case of an emergency. 

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